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Looking for information on one of my books? Check out the links below. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to write to me at

XML Primer Plus XML Primer Plus teaches you how to create XML applications using Java, C++, Visual Basic.NET, PHP, and Perl. You can download the latest copy of the sample files here.
HTML and XHTML: Creating Web Pages assumes that you know nothing about creating a web page and teaches you the proper way to do it. It also comes with all of the necessary files on a CD.
ASP 3.0 From Scratch was written for Windows 2000, but you can also download this version, which works with Internet Information Server 4.0 on Windows NT 4, and a copy of the database. The book details the creation of a magazine content management system, along with a storefront and auction system. The first printings of the book need a few corrections, which can be found here.
XML and Java From Scratch gives the basics of XML and Java, but actually doesn't cover as much ground as XML Primer Plus. The sample code for all chapters is not, for some reason, on the Que web site. Also, Tomcat has jumped versions since publication of the book, so please check out the details. This book is currently out of print.